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Get yourself some gear

If you’re getting hooked on climbing and want to look good in your own gear and apparel then don’t forget to check out our Retail Shop in both Aldgate and White City. Our team can help you get kitted out.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is available to all climbers regardless of experience level. Sometimes we just learn better in a dedicated setting with a personal coach by our side! This option is excellent at any time to make rapid improvements.

Bouldering Improvers

Continuing from Bouldering Foundations, this 3 week course course is for climbers who are making improvements and are looking to push their grades.

Bouldering Foundations

The first of our 3 week course which goes into depth on how to improve your climbing and move into that next level. Ideal for beginner climbers who have some practice under their belt already

Intro to Bouldering

If you’ve already given climbing a try, or even if you’ve not yet taken that first step, our 1 hour Intro to Bouldering session is a brilliant way to get started alongside one of our awesome coaches!


This is the very first place to start. Complete our online pre-registration form and then pop for a climb to see if you like it! No advanced booking needed, just turn up and climb!

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Getting started in climbing

First of all, welcome to City Bouldering. We are passionate about climbing and passionate about creating climbers.

Climbing is a very easy sport to get into and with the right help and support you can make fast improvements and discover a sport for life.

We have put together a fantastic pathway to help new and improving climbers to reach their goals and see rapid improvements to their climbing.

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