Climbing / Bouldering Form

Start your climbing today and register online with City Bouldering by completing our quick and easy online registration process. This form only requires completing once on your first visit and will cover you for our Aldgate and Westfield centres.

If you are able and happy to climb independently, and are aged 16 or over there’s no need to book in advance, just drop in and pay on arrival. Pre-booking a time is only needed if you want to climb with an instructor.

If you are under 16 years of age, you must climb under the supervision of an adult aged 18 or over. The supervising adult should complete the form for the under 16s intending to climb, and must also complete the form for themselves, even if they are not intending to climb. Please also note that 1 adult aged 18 or over can supervise a maximum of 2 under 16s.