Bouldering Foundations

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Are you keen to improve your bouldering technique, gain confidence in your climbing, and meet new people?

Bouldering Foundations is a 3 week course aimed at people climbing between V0-V3 who would like to improve their climbing technique and movement skills. If you've never had any formal training or coaching this is the best way to learn how mastering a few fundamental skills can drastically improve your climbing!

Week 1 - Mastering Footwork

With over 80% of climbing relying on precise and accurate footwork this technique is a must to master. We will teach you how to use different parts of your climbing shoes for different effects, show you how to implement precise foot swaps and give you some drills for practicing and improving your footwork ongoing.

Week 2 - Understanding Balance and Forces

In this session we will explore and understand the 'base of support' along with 'centre of mass' which will teach you the importance of balance and body positioning in climbing. We will also explore some key climbing techniques, such as flagging, laybacking and more, along with specific types of climbing holds and how best to hold them for maximum contact.

Week 3 - Harnessing Momentum

Our final week explores the world of momentum and how we can use our own bodies to generate power and reach whilst maintaining overall efficiency. In this session we look at dynamic movement, rock-overs ,and dead pointing.

Please note that this course is strictly for climbers aged 16 years old and over.

This is a 3 week course and the content of each session will build on the previous weeks, so please ensure you can attend all the sessions before booking. The sessions are not refundable.

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